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Spectrum revises plans for Blodgett Hospital parking after controversy with EGR residents

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Spectrum will submit another revised plan early next week, but city council will not announce a final decision until early May

Author: Staff | Published: 5:20 PM EDT | April 12, 2018 | Updated: 6:56 PM EDT April 12, 201

There is no shortage of yellow in East Grand Rapids, right now.

From the signs lining the sidewalks to the 20-foot banner on Plymouth Avenue, EGR residents are making known their distaste for Spectrum's parking development plans at Blodgett Hospital.

EGR residents fear that the parking structures will devalue their property -- due to the height of the ramps and the several years of construction that would likely come with the project.

Spectrum originally drafted plans to expand a North parking ramp and build an entire new South ramp along Plymouth Avenue. But residents were quick to voice their concern. The parking plans have been revised several times now, but the latest and likely final version of the plan will make it to the city planning commission by next week.

The commission will spend the next few weeks reviewing the plan and announce their decision at a public meeting on April 24.

From there, the fate of the plan will be left in the hands of the city council. The council is set to announce their decision at a meeting on May 7.

According to Spectrum's VP of Facilities & Real Estate, Rick Redetzke, the latest plan does lower the Plymouth structure even further and includes more landscaping.

Redetzke said they gave it their 'best shot' with this plan, and he is hopeful it will be well received by city officials.

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