January 2018 and Earlier:

We the members of Our EGR are residents along the perimeter of the Blodgett Campus. We live on Cambridge Drive SE, 

Plymouth Avenue SE, Sherman Street, and Wealthy Street and we serve as a buffer zone between the Blodgett Hospital Campus and the remainder East Grand Rapids.


We were first made aware of the parking expansion intent on the Blodgett Hospital Campus by Spectrum Health about January 13, 2018 when we received notification in our mailboxes; a [the minimum] legal requirement in the process to obtain Site Plan Approval with variances. We participated in an informational meeting on January 16, 2018, hosted by the Hospital, during which we heard the wants and desires of the Hospital and viewed the impact on our neighborhood for the very first time.


We can only speculate based on dates of documents now made available to the public that a year ago or better Spectrum Health began to design and plan for a major renovation to their Blodgett Campus in East Grand Rapids. This effort was exclusive to the Spectrum organization and maybe a limited number of East Grand Rapids staff and officials. At no time were the neighbors that surround the Blodgett Campus approached, asked for input, or to participate in the planning process. 

In 2008 when the Hospital was granted the variances it needed at that time for the construction of its new wing, site reconfiguration and general improvements, it claimed, for the record that it would not ask the residents of East Grand Rapids for more variances in the future. Now a decade later, memories have faded. Hospital staff and representatives have come and gone; Planning and City Commissioners too. We the residents surrounding Blodgett remain, and our memories are not short.

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