Our EGR Homeowner's Alliance

We are:

Residents, neighbors, friends and visitors in East Grand Rapids banded together in opposition to the aggressive reconfiguration and overuse of property that negatively impacts neighborhood character.  

We are: 

Taxpaying citizens, friends and visitors concerned with maintaining the walkable streetscape of the most unique and pedestrian friendly East Grand Rapids.


We are:

A concerned community making our voices heard throughout the City in an outreach effort to

provide education through raised awareness.

We are:

An organization that desires to protect the undeveloped beauty of East Grand Rapids, its watershed, and the Waters of the State.

We are:

Descendents of a small group of neighbors that opposed the aggressive over use of the Blodgett Campus whom realized there was a greater need of protection and preservation in East Grand Rapids.

We are the taxpaying residents, neighbors, friends and visitors concerned about preserving the unique character of East Grand Rapids.


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Our EGR Homeowner's Alliance has applied for 501(C)(3) status.


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